I Dream Of Bali

For far longer than I care to admit, I have had a trip to Bali on my dream list, just sitting there taunting me. Over the past year or so, I have enrolled my family into the dream as well, and it has slowly begun to materialize. I figured it wouldn’t hurt and actually might be quite powerful to share it with this loving community of purposeful people.I have even set a target date for May 21, 2006 which will be my 57th birthday. (At least that’s what my birth certificate says. I still feel like a teenager most of the time.) I recently had the idea that this trip to Bali could evolve into a Life On Purpose World Tour of some type, with the Swifts stopping in various ports-of-call along the way to visit other purposeful people.I do know that Bali would be a perfect place for me to experience an even deeper life of service, simplicity and spiritual serenity, thus the reason this particular location calls so strongly to me. It is my desire to really experience the Balinese people, their traditions, their celebrations and their way of life.So, I am putting this dream out to you. I would love to hear from anyone else who has been to Bali, particularly if you have suggestions on how I can optimize this trip. It will be the first time my entire family has traveled together beyond the USA borders and we are really looking forward to it.©2005 Brad Swift of Life On Purpose Institute, Inc.

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